Desktop tools have become indispensable in our everyday lives. From music players to word processors, they’re everywhere. But some apps come at a cost. What would you say about these time-saving programs?

Many office workers spend countless hours every day using their desktop computers. Some of us even use multiple computers simultaneously to ensure constant access to important files. Whether you use your PC for work or play, you’re probably aware that using them too much can increase stress levels and decrease productivity.

Here are some free programs that will save you time and energy.

Desktop Tools That Save Time

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a file synchronization tool that allows users to safely store all kinds of data on the web from anywhere. Once downloaded onto an individual’s computer, it works just like any other folder except that the contents automatically sync across a network whenever changes occur.

The program is so popular that there are three versions available: free, business, and enterprise. Even though this software requires registration, you don’t need a paid account if you’re only making occasional use of the app. The standard version is great because it offers 2GB of storage space. If you upgrade to the Business edition, an additional 20GB of space becomes available.

2. Autodesk SketchBook Express

If you want to create drawings or designs without having to purchase expensive graphics software, download Autodesk SketchBook Pro Express. This digital sketchbook is ideal for artists, designers, architects, engineers, students, writers, etc. It allows you to keep track of your ideas as well as share them with others via e-mail and instant messaging services such as Google Talk, Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Chat…

3. Evernote Premium

This powerful note-taking application allows you to capture information that’s not necessarily tied to one particular site or service. For example, you can set up notes called notebooks which make it simple to group similar items under different headings as needed. You can also attach text, images, sound files, URLs, hyperlinks, and videos to various pages within a notebook. Your notes appear when you open each page simply by scrolling through the list of pages.

4. WinRAR Archiver

WinRAR is one of the most popular archiving programs ever created. It allows Windows users to compress and decompress ZIP archives. In addition, you can split archive files into multiple parts or extract specific files from the archive.

5. Microsoft Office

Office 2013 includes several new features, including OneNote, Word Mail, PowerPoint Viewer for iPad, SkyDrive Photo Viewer, and Excel Online. In terms of compatibility, you can edit documents with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Project, FrontPage, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, Outlook, Power BI, and One Note. For those who prefer a more traditional solution, Office 2010 offers nearly identical functionality visit

6. Chrome

Google’s popular browser has become increasingly useful in recent years. Its speed is unrivaled, and its search engine makes finding anything online quick and easy. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t always offer the best security. Fortunately, Chrome provides several safeguards to help protect you against identity theft and malicious websites.

7. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Adobe Photoshop allows you to enhance photographs, create Web sites, design logos, edit videos, and create 3D models. Photoshop has evolved considerably over the past several years, but the new tools allow users to get things done faster than ever before. With the extensive selection of tutorials on the Internet, mastering Photoshop should be easier than ever.


These programs will prove beneficial to anyone looking for something they didn’t know existed. Hopefully, one of these applications will provide the right tool for getting your computer back in shape. To see all the programs mentioned above, visit our resource center.n